Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring and Easter Hats and Westie Paintings

Spring arrived at our doorstep yesterday. We asked her to stay outside and beautify the yard and pull the sap up from the roots of the roses and lilac bushes to the branches and buds. Sing to them, nurture them and ask them to come out to play in all their floral finery, please. Spring obliged and we want to keep her here! At present she is turning our bits of snow into vapors.

Spring hats for myself are straw hats and all the warm fleeces and knit hats can be put away now. Which brings us to this painting I did of two westie kids getting their portrait taken at the photographers. You know how they have those back cloths in fashion shoots that are painted behind the models? This one is eggs and little brother westie is certain he smells chocolate. He even has to scratch and sniff to make certain there isn't any underneath.

Little sisters are so ladylike and prim (especially in front of people, at home they might wrestle with you like a brother when mom and dad aren't looking....!) and is certainly patient, and so very cute, giving brother the "nudge" to turn around.

Do you wear a hat on Easter? Maybe your kids do?

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The French Bear said...

Candylei, they are so sweet!!!! Your work is simply stunning!!!
Margaret B