Saturday, February 6, 2010

Westie Dog Blog East Coast Snow Report

It is I, Sir Salty, over my head in snow. My mind is in overdrive and my feet are spinning in the 30 inches of snow we have. There are places I have to go and things I need to see! In the picture above I am saying to my mom parent, "Look me in the eye and tell me that you are getting the shovel." And be quick about it. We couldn't find the shovel.

Here my dad parent had the shovel on the roof of our house! Of course that is a place we all need to walk; right? But my dad parent did not want the porch roof collapsing. It didn't. Mom parent got the shovel for me.

I am a rip roaring take charge westie and jumped ahead of the slow pokes for about 30 seconds. Whew! It is hard work being in charge of someone with a camera. They take one step and take many pictures. They turn and take more pictures. The shovel is not moving.

Sigh. I am very patient with my parents. I think I will go inside and look for my santa suit. I know if I had that coat on in the snow they would be chasing me faster with the camera.


Sherry said...

Good thing you're wearing that green sweater, Mr. Salty, or you'd disappear in that deep snow. Wish I could play with you in it!

Jazzi said...

Hi Sir Salty,
I am JAzzi a scottie. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Nice to meet you!! You certainly are cute. I have a westie cousin Ivy, she lives in Texas and a westie neighbor 2 doors down. I am looking forward to getting to know you better.


Scooby said...

Hi Sir Salty! I like your green coat. Mom thinks the paintings you have are also very cute.