Monday, January 4, 2010

Daily Westie Oil Painting Soft Colors

How would you show a softie at heart without words? I mean really soft. Only colors to describe your feelings about the subject. This is what I came up with today of our westie dog. He has a bark and sometimes a little growl, but really he is a big softie. He lets the cats rub against his face without a peep over and over again. Dogs are not suppose to like cats. Anyway he is full of kisses and love for us.

My choice of colors is from my little group of herbs. The curry plant. Also the slightly warmer green from my fleece gloves. Take the minty green and warm it up and it also says SPRING time. If you cool it down with blue it says WINTER frost. Having had enough frost I went the spring route which I look out the window every day waiting for signs of it.

Seeds packets are in the nursery and greenhouses now. Yes!


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