Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Sheep Are Out

Jolting words woke me this morning, "The sheep are out." In my tired mind I thought well it is winter and there's nothing left for them in the vegetable garden to steal. "Yes, I'll make coffee first," I told myself since I couldn't see them anywhere. (A bad sign right there.) As the coffee was brewing they showed up on my porch as if it were a starbucks drive through, mind you. Did they need coffee to make their way back down to their pasture? Cream? Sugar?

One of the ewe's, Ella, is the ringleader who leads them all up here to a more luxurious standard of living. She is so big with lambs that I believe she might have triplets. Usually you have to bottlefeed one of them and it makes for a wonderful pet. Now Ella herself was bottlefed and she is a wonderful pet, but she is not fond of fences. She wants to come back up near the house where she played with us as we worked outside when she was a wee spring lamb.

I noticed there are some original Tasha Tudor watercolors from one of her books up for sale on ebay for 3,750.00 Amazing. I love how Tasha lived in Vermont. Surrounded by her favorite animals...corgi dogs and cats inside and outside goats. I wonder if she had trouble with them getting out?

I have a new painting to list on ebay and will post a picture here as soon as it is up.

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