Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Westie Dog Santa Claus Outfit

Today Santa Claus was out and about! Look at him. He also looks like the scrooge, too, with that sad face. (Santa doesn't need to look for deer because they are all over our fields.)

He is actually smiling a bit here. Even though it's sunny out, it's 32 now, the wind bites you! The more I jumped up and down with the camera and told Sir Salty how handsome he was, the sourer he looked. What he wanted to do was run around and sitting and posing seemed like such a dull thing to do on this sunny day.

This little outfit was only a few dollars and he doesn't mind it except for the hat. (Would he have felt better if I had spent more?) He put one paw up to his head and took off the red, cute, fuzzy thing, and shook it around. He feels totally humiliated with it on. He was not going to show me his sweet face in this shot even though I was saying all kinds of favorable things to him. (But then again I am used to being around boys and men!)
But all ends well because when we came inside and got treats he decided he loves me again and is at my feet being sweet. We will have more photo shoots soon as we're expecting to get up to 10-inches of snow.

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