Thursday, December 24, 2009

Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo Green Living Portrait Painting

Frida and Diego in top topiary form in my new painting. Topiary sculpture is an art because your medium keeps changing and growing every which way.

There is lots of symbolism in this one, too. First do you see the heart shape that is between Frida and Diego? Do you see how they share an arm? That they are growing into each other and are a part of each other? I left Diego's legs bare so that it would be obvious that this was a plant and that his legs were the stalks. The background color is terracotta meaning we are all growing and learning on this planet like we are all in this big planter together.

Frida has put a flower in her Topiary Frida hair. The kitties keep the birds from stealing the flower. Birds like pretty things in their nests, too.

There is a group called the daily painters. To be a part of their group you have to put up a painting every day on your blog and tell about it...say something intelligent why, how or where the painting arrived. I have decided to accept the challenge (that might not be intelligent during the rush of the holidays) and here goes day one. So, if all goes as planned you should be able to stop by my blog everyday to see a new painting...maybe something intelligent, too.

This one is up for you on ebay.


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