Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hawaiian Flowers-Tropical Bouquets

Floral designers are so inventive. This bouquet has a palm frond woven to look like a sail to me it looked like the Hokulea outrigger. At the tip of the frond it is tied with rafia. I thought this was beautiful and to me the palm fronds lying flat rather depicted the ocean.

I talked a bit to the florist that provides the flowers and she said that the arrangements are changed once a week. Believe me they still look good after a week. She had the flowers and leaves from the previous week in her basket and I was thinking, "She is not going to throw those away: Is she?"

Bamboo is used sparingly in each arrangement in most bouquets. Below is our favorite purple (burgundy, maroon) foliage in the form of ti leaves. There are so many different types of heliconias. I found a tropical flower blog in North Queensland (maybe I can find a Hawaiian heliconia blog soon) and it has many pictures depicting the different varieties and colors. Scroll to the bottom of the first page and there is a fast slide show of many rare ones with their proper names. I found it very helpful.

The reds of the anthuriums and heliconias are a rich red and look striking against the ti leaves. I saw orange bird of paradise flowers against the red (purple) ti leaves at one place.

Pussy willows in Waikiki? Yes, here is proof. This little arrangement made a nice contrast against the dark wood. So simple yet stylish.

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