Monday, October 19, 2009

Royal Hawaiian Waikiki Hawaii

We are in Hawaii and loving it. We are here for a special occasion. It was 82 degrees the day we arrived and it has been about that every day! Woo-hoo! No one is worried about bringing in plants inside here in October. The scent of tuberoses wafting through the air is heavenly. The fresh fruit, the food, (the smell of barbeque everywhere we go) the beaches..and our family make it wonderful, too.

The royal hawaiian hotel is an old pink landmark hotel on waikiki beach with some neat shops inside. I love how the pink contrasts with the deep blue sky and the green palm trees. They have planters on the very top of the roof with variegated agave type plants. Large ones, I might add. No need to water them by hand.

I have taken lots of pictures to share with you. I have not seen one westie dog yet. I did see little yorkies in Waikiki being carried about.

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Good Morning: Enjoy your visit. Suppose to gt up to 50 today here.

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