Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pyracantha Red-Plum Fall Colors

Going outside and seeing the plants and their beautiful colors in the fall helps artists see some of the best color combinations! I continue to learn everyday and I keep taking pictures to help me remember the colors. The berries of the pyracantha shrub are red and orange now. The birds will feed on the plump orange lanterns during the winter. The plum color of the "mardi gras"abelia leaves and the orange pumpkin sitting there...luscious!

On the other side the blue-gray gravel tempers the colors, but it is still a nice contrast.

Why I like pyracantha also called the firethorn bush is because it is evergreen. Two, it has white flowers in the spring and these beautiful berries in the fall/winter. Birds can make their nests in it and be safe from the hawks. We have plenty of those in the country.

Yay for evergreens! Sometimes we don't appreciate them enough til everything else dies down. These are the bones of the garden.......and look the color, too!

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