Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Three Homesteaders/Primitive Girls Painting by Candylei

A new painting that I listed today on ebay.
Link to auction.
I feel there is a misconception about the term homesteaders and what they might look like. No flannel shirts here! Homesteaders are very crafty, creative and artistic lot. These homesteaders are little seamstresses and their hearts are made of gold.

I shall tell you about the little black kitty who is named "little crow" because she likes to play with shiny things...like marbles. Crows love to gather little glimming, glittering things that man leaves along the road and adorn their nests with them.

So many people who have "made it" are turning to little farms with chickens, goats, and sheep. Reese Witherspoon is one. I could name many others. It is a beautiful thing to live so close to nature and I feel it fuels the creativity in a person. And, okay, it keeps the washing machine busy, but there is fresh flowers on the table.

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