Sunday, August 30, 2009

How to use the photoshop FILTER tool

The photoshop filter tool is an artist's dream tool. I just discovered it yesterday when I went to crop a new photo for a little bio. I started with my above plain photo. Someone told me I could blur it slightly if I wanted with a filter tool for an artsy look. I actually didn't like it, but went on to find so many fun other options under the filter tool. The one below is the neon glow. You move your mouse to filter and it opens other options...scroll down to artistic...which opens to more options and scroll down to "Neon Glow". This is the result. Pretty wild.

The next one is the embossed option. Again go to Filter...scroll down to Stylize...then scroll down to "emboss".

This one is a quilter's dream. I always wondered how they did this. Go to Filter...Scroll down to Texture...scroll down to "patchwork".

Another fun one for artists is the mosaic style. Go to Filter...scroll down to Pixelate...then scroll down to "mosaic."

Crystalizing a photo? Yes. This is it. Go Filter...scroll down to Pixelate...scroll down to "crystalize." Now this one is difinitely a blur. ;-)

My all favorite of the day was this one called, "Notepad" I have seen people sell notecards similar to this of bikes and animals and other cute things. A person could start their own desktop publishing business! Go to Filter...scroll down to Sketch...scroll down to "Notepad."

Stamp effect. This one is also under stylize. Anyone want to make a rubber stamp or have that look? Go to Filter...scroll down to stylize...scroll down to "stamp."

This one makes a beautiful abstract sketch. Go to Filter...scroll down to Sketch...scroll down to "Charcoal."

I've only touched on a few options. It's amazing how you can simply change your photo with just a few clicks and photoshop. There are many, many other filter options that you can utilize and play with. I am excited because I have only used photoshop for resizing my pictures for my ebay auctions and my blog. I feel like great opportunities await!
**A note about the picture. I wasn't going to let Sir Salty, our westie doggy boy, get in it because he had just ran through the tall wet grass and our red clay soil jumps on him. He had other ideas and went up the hill a ways and got in the photo...which I am glad he did!

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