Saturday, July 4, 2009

Westie 4th of July

We dined out today. Westie is always at my feet and when we were eating outside he was still at his "place." Against the white tablecloth I realized how much of the outside was on him so it was a fun bath for him after lunch.

What a little soap and water can do. This squeaky toy is one of Sir Salty's favorites. Here he is taking a break from us throwing it and him running like lightning to get it. Then we chase him a bit and he lets us take it so we can throw it again. One of his favorite pasttimes.

The red bandana was because he had a taste of key lime cheesecake when we had ours. A very small taste. He loved it. We all ran it off, the calories, I think!

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Ginger Zuck said...

He is so cute! I love Westies! I want one sooooooo bad, but I have not broke down yet! Love his name too!