Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Rush

Our summers are anything but lazy. It must have been a cat who coined the phrase, "Lazy summer days." For dogs and us humans it's more like, "Summer Rush." Our westie needs lots and lots of baths during the summer. Three a week. Often he takes his toys outside, too, water or no water. The rubber duckie is a squeaky duckie...need I say more? All squeaky toys are a hit with dogs.

This is our westie, Sir Salty, after a bath and not quite dry. At 90 degrees it dries fast. I cannot believe how fast his hair grows. (This was trimmed right next to his skin in May.) Besides the good eating it has to be all of his running!! You know how joggers say running is so good for your complexion. Maybe it makes your hair have more luster, too? I will be able to tell you soon if it is true with us humans. My new jogging shoes are getting a workout and I feel like an overcooked noodle.

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