Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Say Yes to Double Knock Out Roses Radtko

Most gardeners are familiar with the Knock Out Shrub Roses, but then they came out with the new variety, DOUBLE KNOCK OUT ROSES. This rose is something to write home about. These have more attractive flowers in the classic style like an english rose. The breeder is an American, William Radler, who at present is very successful in the rose breeding business. (He is a seed collector, too, I might add. One of the big differences between myself and him is that he sows all of his collected seeds. Mine seem to stay collected.)

It reaches a height of 3-4 feet and 3-4 feet wide.
(Did I not say it was like an english rose?)
It has up to 25 roses per flowering branch.
It is very winter and disease hardy.
(Great news for our humid, hot summers.)
It is grows well in usa zones 5-9.
It's flower diameter is 3-3 1/2-inches.
It's flower petal count is 18-25.
It is a low maintenance rose.
(This we love to hear.)

It is... in my garden now. Right in the middle of my vegetable garden to be exact with a row of lavender to keep it company. Full sun all day long, they should be very happy.

Conrad-Pyle of Star Roses had this to say about the Double Knock Out Rose, "A shrub rose with a classic look and the toughness you expect from a member of the 'Knock Out' family." Well said.

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