Friday, July 31, 2009

The Laughing Siamese Cat

Our cat Kenya loves to laugh. You can see it in the photo. Laughing is tiring so she has to sleep alot. She laughs often and usually it's lying down on the white club chair. Maybe it's because we are no longer letting our westie on these chairs. He is much more active than a lazy, laughing cat and therefore carries a bit more of the garden inside like myself. I, on rare occasions, have time to sit in these chairs, but it is the cat who basically lives on them. Sleeping is a big part of her living.

She, Kenya, does chase dust bunnies around under furniture and to our dismay catches a bird every now and then when outside. Then worse our westie will take it away from her. I don't know which is worse. They are like brother and sister. "This is mine." "No. It's not. It's mine." Well, they are MINE and I love them both.

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