Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We Shout for Sedums, Picolette and Autumn Charmer

Sedums are workaholics. They look great from March to November here. They are foliage plants that can take alot of neglect. They tank up on water and store it in their leaves (okay all plants do this, but sedums store alot of water in their fleshy leaves.)

Besides being survivors they also have a variety of leaf shapes and textures. And if that isn't enough they have different flower colors, too. Yes! Did I mention they can take alot of heat! Do not pass these up when you are shopping for perennials.

In the above photo on the far right is Autumn Charmer, a variegated variety with the same dusty red-rose flowers as Autumn Joy. To the left is the purple-gray Picolette sedum. Such a useful color in a perennial garden.

I want to add to my collection. We have some sunny, hot gravel areas, where these could stretch and shine. I have some in large pots that give a slightly tropical feel to the dining area outside.

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