Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Niobe-Clematis Flowering Vine

The colors on this Niobe clematis vine are like a rich burgundy wine. The flowers are velvety and large. This is growing on my climbing roses right now. It found a dead rose branch (which I didn't get cut back this spring) and used all of it's energy sprawling out on this bare branch. No competiton for sunlight...only competing for compliments of each passerby. Niobe is a repeat bloomer. This one I highly recommend for every gardener.

Fine Gardening magazine has a wonderful page on pruning clematis vines and to find out what grouping your clematis vine is in. There are so many beautiful varities available for sale now. To find out what group (spring blooming, repeat bloomers, or summer and fall blooming) your clematis' vines are and how to prune them go to:

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