Monday, June 15, 2009

The Hazards of Mowing the Lawn

Most everyone knows that I am not a huge lawn fan since we have quite a bit to mow. My husband loves the mowing part since it is a riding mower. Saturday I took a turn at mowing and what happens? I accidently flip over the riding mower. On flat ground, too. We use a John Deere and it caught on the swingset and started to lift the front end up in the air. I put the clutch in and shifted back to reverse but it didn't go into reverse. So I move it up to neutral and it shoots ahead up and over.

A few thoughts shot through my head. One, I am so glad my son is not down here and two, I have to get off immediately. The third image went through my mind of the little hazard label of the stick figure in the air and the turning stick mower. As I dove to the left the mower did a backflip and then bounced over onto it's side.

I was on the ground so thankful not to be crushed. I could see gas leaking out and I got up and tried to turn it over. It was heavy but I held my breathe and amazingly lifted it back over. Somehow the green john deere frame was in the way and the gear shift stopped at the frame and could not go back to reverse. I don't know what would allow the shift in the frame since everything is bolted down. So, where I thought reverse was is now actually neutral and neutral is first. That explains why sometimes we have trouble starting it as it's not actually in neutral......acck.

I think I will go back to weeding, hoeing, planting and painting.

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YIKES! glad you are ok. I'm not the mower in my family either...I let my husband do it.