Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Bright Spot (Westie) in my Shade Garden

There was a break in the clouds and clear skies so we ran out to pull weeds. Some weeds have turned into tree proportion sizes around here. I thought our Sir Salty looked so brilliant against the lime green. Lime green and white always look great together. Our westie was not too pleased to have to "sit" even though I was praising him the whole time. I asked him to look at me, and like kids, he did the opposite. Actually he heard some birds chattering and he finds them very, very interesting. Earlier in the spring if he heard robins fighting he would go crazy inside wanting to get outside immediately.

Okay his five seconds of sitting accomplished, he feels, and he romped right over to me. Whenever I sit on the grass he thinks he needs to be right there, too. He used to be hard to photograph as a puppy for that reason.

As soon as he was in the lawn he was a happy camper and inches from my face, I might add. Our lawn in it's sad state of needing mowing....again, mind you. He "sat" again for 5 seconds and then was down on his tummy in the cool green grass. Happiness. Simple pleasures.

Westies are really fun gardening pals. If you have one you will know exactly what I mean. Now if I could just get him to leave the toads alone. I was so pleased with his grooming a month ago. It grows so fast.


John at JWLW said...

Good afternoon: I like your dog "Sir Salty" Thanks for stopping by our blog earlier today, isn't that Bronze Iris Beautiful.

Have a good evening, John


I love the pictures! Such an adorable pup!!! :)