Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not the Swine Flu Virus

It's a relief to know our cold and flu symptoms are not the swine flu bug. A simple test is done by swabbing the inside of your nose and the test results take 3 minutes. (Similar to a throat culture but in the nasal cavity.) With 5 school closings in Maryland due to one or more students in those schools having the virus all doctors are now required to test patients with any flu symptoms for the swine flu virus. There was a new 6th Maryland school today that has one student with the virus. The state government said the virus is not as bad as they first thought and all schools are reopening in Maryland.

Our weather has been hot then cold and rain, rain, and more rain. Everyone seems to be getting some sort of cold.

Sir Salty with his short summer haircut would be cold if he didn't continually run when he's outside. There is this lady who has made a successful business by labeling you with just two words. I could do that myself starting with labeling our westie doggy boy, "Perpetual motion."

Outdoor gardening will have to wait. Weeds are not waiting. Today the paper said: The good news is the drought is over. The bad news is it's too wet to plant.

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