Thursday, May 14, 2009

Liberty Hosta

This Liberty Hosta makes the perfect centerpiece on our table. It's large fleshy leaves are artsy. This hosta will get large to a height of around 30-inches. It is a "sport" from the Sagae Hosta. The lime green edges will turn creamy in summer on the Liberty hosta leaves. It thrives in shady zones 3-6 in the USA.
We have slowly become hosta collectors. Hostas are drama plants. First and foremost is they have gorgeous foliage with a lush tropical look. They are hardy and almost indestructible. Some have been accidentally mowed down by the lawnmower at our place and have come right back even more beautiful than before. (The mower said he didn't see them. "Were you looking was my question?") They come up early in spring. Right now all of ours are leafed out and looking gorgeous outside and will stay that way until the first frost. Go hostas!



I love hostas and look forward to them coming up every year! Unfortunately, the deer love them, too!! It's sad to go outside and find them eaten right down to the ground sometimes!!

Candylei said...

The deer! They seem to think we are putting out a buffet table of flora and foliage just for them.