Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Westie Puppy Dog Candylei Painting

A new 5x7-inch painting just listed on ebay. My paintings are painted alla prima (the little italian I know) which means all in one sitting. Gusto also means painted with passion. Each brushstroke has to have meaning like a bow crossing over the strings of a violin. Every brushstroke should add to the overall pleasing visual emotion.
The other day we were shopping and I picked up these two little (I mean "little" as in wee puppy size) gift bags and, of course my husband is like,
"What are you going to do with those?"
Me, "Paint them."
Him, amazingly at a loss for words,
Me, "Aren't they cute?"
Him, at a continual loss of words.
I knew of one artist who bought bread... all shapes and sizes from rolls to bagels to bread loaves just to paint them. Her paintings were great, too. Her family knew to ask first before eating any fresh bread from the bakery.

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Miss Carmella said...

You should sell your paintings on etsy! I have found some many cool handmade things for sale.. It's awesome!