Friday, April 17, 2009

Sprinkles on Cupcakes, Gardens and Lawn

This sweet cupcake we had at Mad Hatters Bake Shop in North Carolina. We came home to sprinkles of a different kind below. Sprinkles everywhere.

The cherry trees are sprinkling everything around them with their baby, soft-pink-blossom petals. Lawns are pink. It's like being a bride and groom again with nature tossing their blessing and wishes on us as we run down the walkway. How can you just "walk" when it is so spectacular out? We skip and run like giddy children.

Think pink. Blushing pink. Faint pink. Pink comes in so many shades. Today it is to hit the 70's and we might be a red pink if not careful. The nurseries are buzzing. People are out to buy, buy, buy... plants, flowers, trees and help stimulate the economy, of course, and their yawning sleepy yards.

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