Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Landscaping Plan: The Topiary Studio Garden

I am jumping for joy over this little square garden in front of my studio. This studio was originally built as a milk house where the milk was kept cool 'til the milk truck came and picked it up daily. It has housed many things since it was a milk house, but now it is going to be officially beautiful inside and out.

This quick study is of the south side where I brought over a large red maple tree from our previous garden and planted a diamond boxwood hedge holding in the hostas around it. Two gray-green topiary trees hold court on each side like garden guards.

Now the most exciting part is that the original gray walls are going to be painted terracotta! Wow. The color combination has me enthralled. Yes, I chose it, but it's still exciting.

My new trial plant color combinations for this year are soft yellow and red wine/plum. I rarely see this anywhere. Am I the only who plays with colors over and over? (Surely you must too.) So now I'm adding a soft yellow climbing rose (to play off the plum color of the maple) and also a climbing hydrangea, respectively, on each corner. Yes, I am a foliage person, but this satisfies the need for floriferous, frothy, fragrance! The rose that is. Let the petals fall against the dark soil. It's a beautiful contrast, too. The hydrangea is flouncy, frothy, vigorous and lacy!

Tell me what your new color combinations are for this spring, summer and fall.



That looks just beautiful!! My house is yellow with black shutters, so I'm going to do mostly red colored flowers in the yard this year.

Candylei said...

Sounds wonderful. Send some pictures.