Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Green Westie Dog

The snow hit, but we didn't get the 11-inches as predicted. It was enough for Sir Salty to be happy. Enough snow to close schools. Enough snow for sledding. Enough snow to need hot chocolate.

Our west highland terrier is not fond of clothes. We think he looks so handsome in his green gardening sweater, ready for St. Patrick's Day. He tried many times to roll out of it in the snow without any luck. Then he tried to reach down and bite it and pull it off. It is pretty loose as it's a large. The sweater came off when we went back in the house and he gave a pleasing shake, shake, shake.

We were down at the creek in this photo where we get the light, sandy soil with silt in it for potting up cuttings and tubers. It great conditioner for our heavy clay.


Rowena said...

If Sir Salty doesn't want his sweater he can send it over to Maddie. She luuuuuuvs clothes!

He is just adorable!


I love that sweater....he looks great in it, too!