Saturday, February 28, 2009

Surreal Gardening Art and Artist Candylei

One reason I love touring gardens is to see many plants, leaves and flowers, up close. By visiting other people's gardens you usually bring home some little gift they have given you from their garden, too. Gardeners are a generous lot. Often what I see makes my "I want" plant list lengthen considerably, too.

We live in the country and have a vegetable garden and perennial gardens and it's an ongoing love affair. Trying to arrange colors in a colorist way or with bold swathes of jolting color. Which brings us to painting and pen and ink illustrations. I combine my two loves into one, at least on paper anyway, and have been selling my art on the internet. Recently I started selling on etsy which holds an array of talent.

My art is surreal but seems so realistic to me. There is something about overflowing gardens and secret gardens that make you feel so little taking in the vastness and beauty of it all. I do feel very little at the seed racks in stores now...even though I have big lists of things I want and sometimes get.

How do you combine gardening and with another love or hobby? I would love to hear from you.

The above print is titled Morning Tea and is available by clicking on the picture to the right in the etsy box.

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