Thursday, February 26, 2009

Raccoons in the White House Gardens

Well Mr. Barney, the terrier, leaves and the raccoons have obviously figured out that the coast is clear to adventure through the fences and try to call this place home at the White House, in Washington d.c. What a green paradise in the city. The White House sits on just a little over 18 acres of land. Who would want to live on the streets and pavement especially when they are serving up salmon in a beautiful, green, landscaped park? There was a catch to it though. The park service caught one and let it go in an "undisclosed location". I wonder if that was Tennesse because the common raccoon is the State Animal there!
One raccoon has multiplied into many.

We hope President Obama and his family decide on a dog soon as it will be a bright spot in news! Remember when President Obama told Barbara Walters that they received more activity on his website about getting a dog than anything else? America is full of dog lovers. Isn't the American dream a house with a picket fence and a dog on the porch? The deluxe dream version is a house with a picket fence and a westie dog.

A little trivia. Did you know states also have a state butterfly besides state birds, state animals and state dogs? Not all states have picked out a state dog yet. Lobby your senators if your state does not have one.

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