Saturday, November 8, 2008

Spectacular House and Garden in La Jolla California

Driving along the streets of La Jolla above the beach we found some amazing homes and gardens. This one was spectacular. The doors are gorgeous. The garage door is also beautiful wood. Front yards do not have to be boring as this one shows. It's not a large front yard, but every inch is utilized to it's best advantage. I wonder who designed it?

Look at the stone inlay on the walkway.

A fountain inbetween the driveway and walkway.

Tile drive with pepple inlay around each tile. There is so much visual excitement in the hardscapes and landscaping.

A view from the side from the road. I could have took many more pictures but it is dangerous standing in the middle of the road for long periods of time.
My husband who prizes green lawns even dropped his jaw with this one. "Wow"... he uttered.
It's so incredible the mix of italian, spanish and mediterranean influences in all of the landscaping in California. There is very English gardens there as well which I will post soon. Lots of inspiration for myself to look at my choice of planting material for our gardens.


this too will pass said...

beautiful house and photos

Rhonda said...

I love your blog, as wel as youyr art work. Do you paint commissioned pieces? I would love to have a simple painting done of my little dog.

Candylei said...

Thank you, this too will pass. Rhonda, yes, I would love to see your dog.

Rhonda said...

There are 3 pic's of her on my 5/15/08 post.