Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lost Art of Handwritten Cards and Letters

Pick up a pen, paper and a cup of tea with a saucer and jot down a few notes to a friend. Everyone likes to get good old fashioned handwritten letters. They are getting rare these days. I owe a few thank you's myself so that is what I am doing.

Back to tea though...have you ever noticed how you rarely "spill" tea on letters, but coffee is another story? Tea is proper so we sit still with it and coffee is italian (okay cappaccino anyway) and we move around animated with it and tend to spill it. Then again it could just be the higher level of caffeine in the darker roasts.

Handwritten letters are like going to the garden and deciding what flowers to pick. For each person you might gather a few different flowers based on their tastes.

This is one of my new little costume friends painting up for sale on ebay. October is an official month of silliness. (Every month is silliness here on the farm.) Cards are coming of this painting and I can't wait to pen out a few lines on a few.


xoxo, Chloe said...

It seems like when I hand-write a letter I carefully choose each word, whereas with email you can furiously type away! Letter writing is one of the forgotten arts.


You are so is a lost art. I remember, as a child, how much I used to love getting letters in the mail from my grandmother :)