Saturday, October 4, 2008

Folk Art Quilting and Sewing

Today was not all work. We went to look at some quilts and sewing machines, embroidery machines and everything in between at a sewing fair. Nothing like getting motivated with the cooler weather and then all the wonderful inspiration of other needle and fabric labors of love. The quilt above is from 1930 and was displayed by the Sarasota Quilt Guild and they were selling patterns. I now have one of my very own. I must get my scraps out and get crafty.

This darling quilt is made of wool. Don't you just love it. It's from the west coast, Oregon, and she dyes her wool with natural dyes. The colors remind me of the amish quilts here on the east coast, but arranged totally different. I have some of my own raw wool that I have already washed. Now to find some plants (which are all over here) and bark to come up with these sweet, sweet colors. Then build a fire put a big iron tub over and start dying the wool. This is what Tasha Tudor loved doing.

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