Monday, October 13, 2008

The Country Dairy and Creamery

As we went out to the car to go to the dairy I had to snap this photo. So much color even in October with dahlias and I love contrast of colors. Busy bee is gathering up the last of the sugar nectar before it frosts.

At South Mountain Dairy there is this long barn of sweet calves that have to be bottlefed twice a day. Anyone can come and help feed them. Each has a bucket of grain and a bucket of fresh water too.

Look at all of them. Cute as can be and their birth dates are on their ear tags.

Of course the mommas are being milked by machinery which is hidden behind the metal bars.

The roosters that roam about have a real buffet spread. These are picking out the grains in the bucket. What a life these fellows have.

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