Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Westie Dog Goes Uptown With New Look

We came down the lane, after Sir Salty's professional grooming at the vet's office, and the Siamese kitties run up to greet the new celebrity! I was the paparazzi clicking away. This kitty is amused that Puppy is on a leash since he is never on one. Kitty is also rolling around saying, "Aren't we beautiful?"... and Puppy is trying not to act interested. We always knew he was beautiful and a "model" for my paintings but today he could contend with the "super models." Sir Salty is loving all of the admiration he is getting from us.

He is so beautiful... and he is also wanting a treat. Look at his ears they are trimmed perfect.


Rowena said...

Sir Salty is just plain handsome!!! And now I am also reminded that Miss Maddie needs to have her coat stripped...grrrr....I think I'll just do a little bit of clipping and stripping myself as are usual groomer is away on vacation.

Btw, about me being busy - lol - I go into these phases where I'll have a ton of things running around in my head, hence, the nonstop flow of blab material. Most recent fixation: hiking paths in Italy. There's one that translates to the Path of Cheese. Miss Maddie is in total agreement to hike that one!

Anonymous said...

I love it! My sister has a simese cat and Winston (my westie) just got NUTS over him! At first, I thought this photo was of them both!!! :) TOO CUTE! I love Sir Salty- he's just so handsome!!!


OMG...what an adorable pup!!!