Friday, August 22, 2008

New plants in the Garden - Can They Set Seeds?

Don't these look like confections? I love the extra pink in the center instead of the brown-orange of the usual coneflowers. They are called, " Pink Double Delight". These are in our garden and I am anxiously awaiting for them to set seed..hmm. Now I have the notion they might not. I will have to give them an extra shovel full of compost so that I can divide them maybe next spring...for more? These are pricey for perennials.

I never really considered myself a bicolored flower fan. That changed this year, too. Here is the plant that changed that. It's a Violet Sensation penstemon. These are tall and healthy and yes, starting to set seeds. The seeds are so gold dust. It is a miracle these little specks have life in them and can grow to look like this! (With a little help.)
It's challenging gathering your own seeds and scattering them directly in the garden. I compare it to handwriting a invitation to a friend to come and visit. You send it off and wait, twist your hands, and hope. Then one day they are your garden and looking quite pleased too, to be there!

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Roger & Kate said...

Kate wants to know if you get any 'gold dust' that works if she can have some? Actually either one of the two.