Saturday, August 2, 2008

Green Garden, Green Westie, Green Horses

Gardens look so restful and serene; don't they? None of the labor that goes into them comes to mind when you enter these rooms. It's just "Ahhhh. I love this." Meanwhile the hose is unwound and rewound each day and weeds are additions planted. (Failures moved to new beds.) A labor of love. Another pedestal in the back takes your eye adds interest.

Below is my green-gardening-westie-doggy boy. He is so full of mirth! He jumps on the bed and turns on his back and laughs at us. He thinks this is what we look like when we are asleep. What is he thinking?

A note here about green lawns. I've noticed men think lawns are a serious business and less likely to want perennial, shrub or vegetable gardens. It's the man versus man to see who has the best lawn. Competition. The lawn is their "baby." And that's not just in the urban areas and suburbs it is in the rural country areas, too. One neighbor has beat the urge to toil over his lawn and has horses on his hillside. (They do have a small patch of mown lawn around their home.) It is beautiful because it is clean green and organic grass. No chemicals here. A wonderful backdrop for all of their beautiful horses.

I think everyone benefits from a greener lifestyle. Everyone loves this green planet we call home. Now I'm going to go out barefoot and feel that cool grass under my toes just like Sir Salty, our westie, does.

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rowena said...

Sir Salty is quite the character, and now I'm wondering if our westie makes fun of us when we sleep!

I had just come in from doing a bit of weeding in our yard/garden and it is simply a joy to be out there among the flowers and leaves. Where we live there isn't much of a yard competition....the mountain folk are happy enough if they can reap produce for their dinner table, but it is the yards with chickens and goats running amok that amaze me. I'm sure Maddie would have something to say if we brought home some hens!