Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tahiti and Birds and Westies

Someone in our family gets to go to Tahiti next month. I've always wanted to go since I don't know when. I mean Hawaii is gorgeous, but Tahiti has a magical pull to it...polynesians speaking FRENCH and the color of the ocean water.

The price tag. First you trip at the airline fare and then you fall flat at Hotel Bora Bora's price.

It's not me, but then I will do something else exotic. I will buy some white peacocks. The price tag so little. To think of having white peacocks in an white perennial garden with cream roses dropping petal confetti, lilies nodding, lilacs waving their fragrance to you... The scent of roses, dewy lily of the valley, sweet-sweet peonies, heavy gardenias, mock oranges, and tuberoses all competing for your attention. All of this surrounded by a hedge of yew. Now that is exotic!

We've covered what is exotic at home, but do you know what ethereal is? It would be 3 white Westie dogs racing about in the
white garden.

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