Thursday, February 1, 2007

Florence Valter Postcards -- Candylei

I am a collector as of yesterday!

I have two of Florence Valter's Westie postcards that date from the 30's. Two is the beginning of a collection. One is used, stamped in Surrey England, dated Sept. 11, 1931. The sender's name was Doris and she is away and writes telling of going to the Hippodrome picture, Monte Carlo.

The writer shows concern when she writes she hopes "Fay" is doing alright and behaving herself like a lady. I smile. There are other women who hope their children are behaving themselves! I begin to realize that "Fay" most likely is her Westie Terrier and of, course, she would hope that her caregiver hasn't any hardships.

No cell phones then, nor answering machines, to call home and leave a message for your Westie on. Why is it we like to read other people's correspondence? Look how many blogs there are and we dance through them like as if we are walking into their livingroom momentarily and then walk out again.

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