Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I went to the plant nursery to check on their seed displays and availability. I was disappointed that they are not carrying as many this year as last. Every year at this nursery it seems to get smaller and smaller.

The greenhouses were deserted. We were the only customers there. Often at lunchtime office workers will go there just to walk around for the atmosphere! There are parrots and other birds that add background music (squawks). They also call out, "MOM! MOM!" Everything they hear children say they seem learn to repeat that the fastest. I say to them, "Hi" and they answer my greeting with, "Hello."

This nursery is owned by Dutch folks and they are genius' as they put the huge gardenia bushes right next to the entrance door inside. Gardenias are intoxicating! Gardenias are right up there competing with roses for intoxication powers. In art we always see the beautiful girls with their heads back after they have inhaled the fragrance of a rose. Why were there not more paintings of gardenias and beautiful girls in that same pose?

They are rivals with roses in maintenance it seems to me, too.

Come to think of it I have paintings with my favorite Westies and roses, but not with Westies and gardenias. I am just as guilty. I must start at once on this new idea for a painting. Aloha~

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Jasmine said...

I agree! Gardenias have a heavenly scent. I just bought a 10 inch gardenia in probably a 3 gallon pot for $21.99 at Costco this past weekend. I hope I have better luck than I have had in the past with gardenias. Usually right after I buy a gardenia they get mites and slowly go downhill from there. In fact I was looking at it tonight and some of the leaves are shriveling up, despite my generous watering. I am going to repot it as soon as it warms up outside.